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Practice Areas

Striving for innovation and to take on new challenges, Patrick Fortune is excited to hear about your case. Here is an example of some of his most common areas of practice.
Reliable Criminal Defense


Getting a lawyer can make a huge difference in the outcome of your case. Talking to someone who knows the process can reveal options that you may not know about. We have handled a wide variety of cases and can help you to solve your problem today.


Problems with the law can effect your situation for years to come. We offer you piece of mind but making sure that your case is handled in a professional way and that you get the best possible outcome.


Criminal Appeals

Errors are committed all the time in criminal cases and these errors often violate suspects' civil rights. Whether or not the police, the District Attorney, or even the Judge made the mistake, it may be a valid reason to overturn your conviction.

If you think there is reason to appeal your case, don't wait and call us to discuss it. We have lots of experience in appeals, including Search and Seizure cases as well as appeals based on errors in the judge's sentencing.

Driving Under the Influence


A DUI may not be the end of the world but it can result in some serious penalties. We are experienced in the DUI process and can ensure that every possible opportunity is pursued to help you get a better outcome.


We are a full service firm and will make sure that you and your case are completely managed. We even offer counseling and representation of your case in DMV hearings.


Employment Law

There a lot of requirements that employers need to follow that many of them ignore.If you are not given your lunch breaks, if you employer requires you to volunteer for your shift but does not pay you for this time, or if your employer tries to discount your overtime, then you may be owed compensation.


We are a firm with a lot of experience in Labor/Employment law. Call today to discuss your case and see if your employer has been breaking the law. It will be worth your time.

Landlord Disputes & Unlawful Detainers


Landlords: We handle all types of evictions whether it is an unlawful detainer for unpaid rent, damage to the property, or for any violation of the lease. We are one of the cheapest in town for evictions and we are committed to getting it done as fast as possible.


Tenants: If you landlord is failing to fix your home, violated the lease in any way, or is infringing on your enjoyment of the property, then call us today. Don't let your landlord take advantage of you.


Automobiles & Traffic

Beyond DUI defense, we handle all traffic violations including speeding tickets, reckless driving or DMV hearings.

If you have been issued a ticket or citation, that does not mean you are guilty. An attorney can help you to defend against the charges, reduce fines and even may help to avoid jail time. Call today to discuss your case.

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