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Prop. 47 is Shaking Things Up for the Accused & Convicted

Passed last November, Proposition 47 reduces many commonly charged felonies to misdemeanors. The voters came out in large support of this initiative, which is already seeing great reduction in the population of jails. What is especially interesting about Prop. 47 is that it not only applies to future defendants but it also serves to reduce the convictions of those already serving time.

Prop. 47 requires a misdemeanor charge for several former felonies and allows anyone convicted of such crimes to apply for a reduction. The crimes covered are a few petty property crimes as well as most simple drug possessions. The property crimes are Petty Theft, Shoplifting, Forging/Writing a bad check, or Receipt of Stolen Goods (all must be under $950.)

Prop. 47 does exclude persons with certain previous convictions on their record (most sex crimes.) If you or anyone you know was convicted of one of the property crimes above or a simple drug possession, and they were charged with a felony, there is a very strong chance that it can be reduced.

There are already lots of people who have been released from prison because of this initiative. Call us today if you need help managing Prop. 47. We are accepting cases and can help you or a loved one improve their record, get out of prison and get back to life.

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