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At the Fortune Law Group we are committed to providing the reliable representation in Fresno that you can trust. We have an experienced staff and are ready to talk to you today about your case. Whether it is criminal defense, DUI or civil dispute, we can help.


Not only are we confident that you will be happy with our services but offer some of the most affordable prices in town. If you are looking for an attorney in Fresno who will fight for you then give us a call today.



If you have been charged with a DUI or other crime in Fresno it is time to talk to an attorney. We help clients navigate the criminal process and help to uphold their civil rights. Without a lawyer, the criminal justice system can be a huge gamble and you may not have good odds. Call the Fortune Law Group to discuss your case for free.


We also handle a wide variety of property, commercial and civil disputes with special experience in Landlord/Tenant issues. If you think that someone is harming your, physically or financially, we want to help you make things right.

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Continuing our search for more clients in both criminal and civil cases. In court today filing for another Unlawful Detainer. We handle a wide variety of cases ranging from DUI and criminal defense matters to all types of Civil litigation.


We promise to have some of the most affordable prices in town. Resolving your criminal charge/civil dispute doesn't need to break the bank. Call us today for help resolving your case.



Contracts are the beginning of almost any commercial relationship, including the relationship with your employer.


If your employer is not allowing your lunch breaks, requiring you to volunteer before/after work without paying you, or in any way tries to reduce your overtime, then you are not being fully compensated. We can help you get this compensation back and ensure that your employer doesn't cheat anyone else.

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Cell - (559) 633-9529

Patrick Fortune, Attorney At Law

1233 W. Shaw Ave., Ste. 106

Fresno, CA 93704



Areas of Practice


  • Criminal Defense Law

    • DUI Defense

    • PC-1000 & Prop 13 Drug Diversion Programs

    • Experienced in Felony Cases

  • Criminal Appeals

    • ​4th Amendment/Search & Seizure

    • Sentencing Errors

  • Landlord/Tenant Disputes

    • Evictions

    • Foreclosures

    • Breaches of Lease

  • Civil Commercial Law

    • ​Breach of Contract

    • Malpractice

  • Labor/Employment Law​



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