January 27, 2016

At this point, most people have had some contact with aerial drones, they are regularly making it into the news and their proliferation is only just beginning. These UAVs, or Unmanned Aerial Vehicles, are flying all around the US and legislatures everywhere are finally starting to address their regulation. Even if you haven't come in contact with one yet, you very likely will as the FAA suspects that the number of commercially registered UAVs may reach as high as 30,000 by 2020.

These drones bring to light a very interesting l...

February 19, 2015

A new method for dealing with Police at a DUI checkpoint is gaining traction around the nation. Its founder, Florida attorney Warren Redlich, labels it the “Fair DUI” and it presents an interesting approach to handling law enforcement. While this method may seem like an easy way out of a DUI, however, that is not the case. Be Warned: this method is not for everyone and its improper use could easily get you in more trouble than you started.


After years of representing clients who were harassed at DUI checkpoints, Redlich began...

January 27, 2015

Passed last November, Proposition 47 reduces many commonly charged felonies to misdemeanors. The voters came out in large support of this initiative, which is already seeing great reduction in the population of jails. What is especially interesting about Prop. 47 is that it not only applies to future defendants but it also serves to reduce the convictions of those already serving time.


Prop. 47 requires a misdemeanor charge for several former felonies and allows anyone convicted of such crimes to apply for a reduction. The c...

December 15, 2014

We are very excited to finally be launching The Fortune Law Group. This firm has existed as an idea for many years just waiting for the perfect moment. We are finally striking it out on our own in Fresno and trying to reach as many new clients as possible. Hopefully 2015 will be a year of triumph as we continue our legal work in a solo practice.

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"Fair DUI" Gives Checkpoints a Very Cold Shoulder

February 19, 2015

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